Secret Audio Suspense

by theunidentified.

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released November 12, 2005



all rights reserved


theunidentified. New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Track Name: The El-Paso Matter
S.Hayden / H.Massarri

Looks like I made a mistake
The FBI has seized the tapes
My secret plan Watergate
Locked up in the prosecutor's safe

I'll hate it if the Democrats won
They'll try and put a stop to all my fun
But I'll prove that I'm the fortunate son
All I need is my electro ray-gun

Nikolai is my main man
in the 1920's he had the plan
Science is power if you understand
Thanks to magnets I'll be a free man

Don't fret now Gordon Liddy
I'll rule the world
I'll run this city
Supreme guilt
Complete absolution
The El-Paso Matter presents the solution

Looks like the Democrats won
They put a stop to all my fun
But I still got away scot-free
Because I resigned on TV

Sock it to me.
Track Name: The Glomar Express
S.Hayden / H.Massarri

A secret ship, a secret plan
A sunken soviet submarine
The CIA, Howard Hughes, and Nixon
How could they fail? Who could have forseen?
Let us build a giant floating two truck
And the go fish for our nuclear shark
We don't need bait, just a really big hook
Three miles down, it's a walk in the park

All aboard the Glomar Express
One way ticket just 1 billion or so
Keep it quiet, no need to tell press, we would hate to find out that Kruschev knows, about our little secret down below

The perfect plan, until it failed
It hit the bottom like speeding train
Worst part was that the missles, came down like Bobby's hard rain
The embarassment was universal
Neither side would take the blame
Do you think they would open the door
On a radioactive hold in the oceans floor?

It's a little too late, because now you know.